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Here’s a little about us.  We don’t sell widgets. It’s our time, energy, expertise and ideas that our clients value.  The Gentry Agency excels in:


  • Innovative Ideation – Creativity is what sets us apart from others.  Not just for the sake of being different, but for the best and most innovative way to reach an objective and stay in the right public’s eye.


  • Media Relations – Our reach with the media is based on hard-won relationships with local, national and international contacts, who value us because we present them with timely, well thought-out story ideas about our clients.  Clients value our expert media training and key message briefings that result in a strategic third-party endorsement to hundreds of thousands of people via print, broadcast and Internet media.


  • Community Relations – Sometimes, it really is whom you know, and who knows about you.  Well-placed messaging to the right community groups, be it trade audiences, non-profit associations or high-profile individuals or groups can be an effective way to build a business’ foundation or take it to the next level.


  • Internal Communications – A company’s most valuable audience is, first and foremost, its employees.  Many overlook those important people whose opinion of your company can make it or break it.  Let us advise you on the best way to reach this critical asset.


  • Stakeholder Relations – Shareholders, investors, and influential business partners all need to understand and live your business’ message.  Straight-forward communication with these savvy groups is an integral part of what you do. We help you do that.


  • Reputation Management – Your reputation is your business.  We’ve all heard the horror stories of Fortune 500 business poorly gone, but other business owners need to be aware of the impact it can have on companies of any size.  We manage the message, whether in crisis mode or everyday business, so you can make the most of what people are saying about you.


  • Social Reputation – We enjoy a good network, whether virtual or in-person.  Helping clients position and grow their brand through online messaging is something we enjoy immensely. We work well with team members who specialize in digital communications and are happy to offer up content and ideas. For smaller clients, we have been called on to manage social media channels.

  • Influencer Relations - We were early adopters of this strategy, because we have been using it for more than 20 years. "Influencers" are all around you -- your neighbors, friends, clients, community VIPs, etc. Now, we take that same approach online, where we carefully vet Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms' influencers to help make meaningful relationships for your brand with these online movers and shakers.


  • Special Events – We’ve been known to throw a great party.  We work with clients on a range of events, from corporate outings to product launches, anniversary celebrations, press conferences, media tours, grand openings, sneak previews, and others in a way that’s messaged correctly, planned, budgeted, and executed to make the most impact while providing the highest value for our clients.

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